Magic Restored!

As our world becomes more and more trendy, and where trends don’t last all that long, where teenagers in baggy jeans perform card tricks on the street “keepin’ it real,” as they say…………stands Alexander, internationally recognized by his peers as illusionist extraordinaire.

Amidst all this hip hop pandering, through production and theatrical flair, Alexander rewards us with mystery, fantasy and illusion…the way magic was meant to look.

But the greatest testimony to any act is the audience that returns again and again to enjoy the experience. Alexander’s long runs in high end theaters and casinos attest to his ability to nail the audience’s passionate ‘sweet spot.’ in a way no other magician does. Alexander’s magic is a proven template for drawing crowds like paperclips to a supercharged magnet.

The ancient art of magic is just as alive today as it ever was. In it’s genesis, magic was a deviation from the real. Does it really have any basis in the neighborhood of reality?

Alexander’s show has been called, “ an escape from reality”. Other publications have called him a “breath of fresh air” in this trendy world of keepin’ it real. A few years ago the trendy phrase of praise was unreal – that holds true today in summation of Alexander – both he and his magic are unreal.

That’s really something”
– Jeff Goldblum

“You’re Good, Man”
– Magic Johnson

“I personally can’t remember when I’ve been more entertained.”
– Karen Cole, Glenn Gelman & Assoc.

“Alexander is making magic something cool, something for the 21st century”.
-Tahoe Action Magazine

“Alexander gave the audience far beyond what they asked of him.”
-Jo Rosen, Parkinson’s Resource Organization