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You can’t really see the glacial ice I’m standing on, but this little helicopter me to the top of Meade Glacier in Skagway Alaska today!  I enjoyed the spectacular views on the helicopter ride.  I was lucky to have a very clear day today.  No one seemed to be impressed with my card tricks up here.  They were too busy taking in this untouched wonderland!  Glacier exploring is tricky.  You take a big stick and walk carefully, so as not to break the ice and fall in!  Sounds like a Teddy Roosevelt quote!  This was my second time riding in a chopper.  My ride was smooth and breathtaking. Pilot was great about answering questions, and pointing things out to us. You start to realize how small you are while you’re way up here.  and it made me appreciate the mountains even more. Smooth landings, great tour of the glacier. Helpful and informative people at Temsco Helicopters.   Overall a very magical day!

Guitar World

I’ve gotten dozens of emails about this month’s issue of Guitar World.  “Didn’t know you played guitar”  “Why did you change your name”  and my favorite, “You should mix your magic with your guitars”  Yes folks all of that magic has finally paid off and I’ve magically taught myself to riff like Steve Vai, Jimi Hendrix and Randy Rhodes. . . . . I wish

This isn’t me on the cover.  It’s Steve Vai.  But I’ll tell you what.  I was at a news stand in Seattle just peering at the collage of magazines, sipping a mocha frappe when all of the sudden I saw it.  Bam.  I thought they had super-imposed my face over Steve Vai’s body.  Then I looked inside and the pictures are even closer.  Same nose, same mouth, same eyes, same hair!  They say everyone has a twin.  I just found mine.   Scary!

In Alaska and Canada Through September!

I’m having a great time touring Alaska! It’s over 100 degrees in my home town of Las Vegas, so this 50 degree cold is just fine with me. I’m featuring a new illusion in this show which I call Mirror Melt. It’s part of the appeal to the ticket buyers here. Most of these cruisers come back to Alaska every year and see my show. It’s important to show them something new and different that’s not just another box. At the same time they’re not going to sit there and watch 45 minutes of untested material. I think it’s important to “play the hits.” Also on the bill will be Cutting a Girl In Half, Neon Levitation, Spiker, Metmorphosis and a surprise ending that’s gonna knock your socks off. My manager was was throwing ideas around for the tour, and he suggested a surprise ending that I really liked. I think it’s important to give the show an extra kick toward the end. So I’ve strung together enough hits to fill a set, but weaved some very magical surprises too. People ask me if I ever get sick of presenting Grand Illusion Magic. Well, it never gets tedious in front of an audience, that’s for sure. When the crowd goes berserk after five seconds, you realize you’re sharing an experience with 1,000 people and it drives the performance. Magic is something that people can’t help but respond too. I may be biased, but, music, comedy and musicals don’t ever cross into the impossible. Only magic does that, and it’s literally eye-opening. Amazement is really wired into people’s DNA but most don’t realize it. I’m happy to wake them up and remind them of that fact.

Copperfiled ShowThere is something truly powerful about a great magician, and it is something that is able to unite all people in a moment of true magic. There are not many people, who don’t enjoy watching a great magician at work and this is because everyone likes to see something amazing and unexplainable, no matter who they are. Magic is one of the only forms of entertainment that is completely non-discriminatory, as it does not matter whether you are male, female, young, old, what part of society you are from, or even whether or not you speak the language, there is something mesmerizing about a moment of magic.

For me, the greatest moments are those when I have managed to stun an entire room into utter silence and total disbelief at what they have seen. You can see it on the faces of everyone in the audience and it truly feels like a time, when for just a few seconds, they believe that the possibilities of reality are endless, and that maybe I do have some form of magical powers (which of course I do). After a minute or two of the amazing trick finishing, people are back in reality and I can see that they are talking to their partners and trying to work out how I managed to do it, but just for that few seconds, they suspend their belief in reality and that is true magic.

People are always trying to work out how magicians can possibly do the things that they do, but if they knew that, they would be magicians themselves. The secrets of the magic order are locked away safe and sound and that is the way that it should be. It takes a lifetime of dedication to become a magical master and this is something that needs to be preserved.

Even I love to watch other magicians and I am often part of the same set of faces looking on in amazement when a great illusion is pulled off, and that is an exciting moment. I could never imagine not practicing magic, as the thrill it gives is too great and it does not matter whether it is a room full of ten people or one hundred people, the thrill is still the same. I hope that if you can manage to make it along to one of my shows that I will get to see that look in your eye, as you are in total disbelief! If you are unable to make it to one of my shows, then maybe you should look to see what magic shows are happening in your area, as these people need your support and I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed.


Isn’t it tempting to kiss your love good luck before the show?! Yes, it is. With the only exception – if you don’t perform magic. So, here comes Rule #1: never NEVER touch a magician before the performance. You never know what may pop out 🙂  And do not even think about it if he does a bird act!

When I started my career in magic, the scariest thing for me was to forgetting my choreography or to setting something up. But now, one year later, my worst nightmare is – the prop, when it does not work for some stupid reason. We had to struggle with “Impaled” till it got fixed.  It took me some time to get used to a harness, but last week something happened.  I could not even think about.  For our grand finale, metamorphosis, I opened the sub-trunk lid, my magician was still trying to put the bag on!!! What a mess! Luckily, he was low enough, so the house couldn’t see his spirited efforts. My smile immediately became wider and, I swear, I was never thinking faster than at that particular moment, when the show is in progress and the house is full of people we have no right to disappoint. Finally, he just gave up on that stupid bag and popped out. Relief. Wide smile, last chords of music and a final pose. We did it!

After the show we did talk a lot, trying to understand what exactly went wrong. We practiced, tried new things, we got it. It taught us that no matter how many shows you had, you can still make a mistake. All it takes is to lose your concentration for a one split second. But what does not kill you makes you stronger.

Hi. My name is Elena and I am a magician’s assistant.

If you asked me whether I ever dreamed of becoming a magician’s assistant, I would say “NO WAY!” It’s exactly the case when a profession chooses you. I had ballet and jazz classes when I was a child, but never seriously thought of making dancing a career. So, I graduated from college with a degree in linguistics.

How many times I saw David Copperfield’s specials on TV and of course, besides all the tricks and secrets you can’t help but notice those gracious beautiful nymphs dancing around him. They, together with the magician, made the magic happen. It seemed to me they were mythical creatures from fairy-tails my mom used to read to me before I fell asleep. It was all about beauty and grace.  At it looked that way.  Now when after every single show I have to heal bruises, cuts and broken nails, I do realize that it’s not as easy as it seems. But it MUST look effortless for the audience.

When we first started to rehearse the shows, I learned everything pretty fast. We did not have any rehearsal room and had to practice in my magician’s “studio”. I mean his garage. No mirrors, no proper floor cover – I simply had to guess. I remember when I first tried “Origami”, I was talking to myself: “this is not a coffin. This is NOT a coffin.” But a good thing about illusion show – once you figure out one illusion, the others are much, much easier to do.

Our first show was a year ago on the Star Princess. I was shaking. I was so afraid to forget something crucial during the performance or preset and let my magician down. But it went on pretty well. And now, one year later after everything we’ve been through I doubt that anything can possibly scare me. We had to perform after the whole night of flying, or when I had a high temperature and hardly could stand straight, or when we had to juggle our act according to the cruise director’s demands. Once we got a schedule that left us 40 minutes between the shows for resetting pretty tough, but… doable.

So, what can I say? I got pretty lucky to have a dream job, to travel around the world and share all this experience with someone you love. What can be better?  I can’t even imagine. 😉

Had some delicious silver king salmon at The Gold Creek Salmon Bake and spotted some whales!

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