It Ain’t All Glamour


Isn’t it tempting to kiss your love good luck before the show?! Yes, it is. With the only exception – if you don’t perform magic. So, here comes Rule #1: never NEVER touch a magician before the performance. You never know what may pop out 🙂  And do not even think about it if he does a bird act!

When I started my career in magic, the scariest thing for me was to forgetting my choreography or to setting something up. But now, one year later, my worst nightmare is – the prop, when it does not work for some stupid reason. We had to struggle with “Impaled” till it got fixed.  It took me some time to get used to a harness, but last week something happened.  I could not even think about.  For our grand finale, metamorphosis, I opened the sub-trunk lid, my magician was still trying to put the bag on!!! What a mess! Luckily, he was low enough, so the house couldn’t see his spirited efforts. My smile immediately became wider and, I swear, I was never thinking faster than at that particular moment, when the show is in progress and the house is full of people we have no right to disappoint. Finally, he just gave up on that stupid bag and popped out. Relief. Wide smile, last chords of music and a final pose. We did it!

After the show we did talk a lot, trying to understand what exactly went wrong. We practiced, tried new things, we got it. It taught us that no matter how many shows you had, you can still make a mistake. All it takes is to lose your concentration for a one split second. But what does not kill you makes you stronger.

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