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Event planning can cover several areas.  One of the biggest, that does the most good, is charity or fundraising events. Helping people in need raise funds for a specific cause tied to an event can be a very powerful way to elicit change. Many people are interested in participating in such activities. Planning for a charity event is not all that different from planning any other event.  It’s still a gathering we’re talking about, right?  Except here you have to make all the arrangements while adhering to a very strict budget, all while trying to collect maximum charity.  Harder than you thought, eh?

To add to this, event planners arranging a charity event have to deal with several commercial issues which cannot be ignored, or else the event can collapse. To avoid such mishaps, keep the following points in mind to let your event go smoothly.

Team. There’s no “I” in team, and the first thing to do before setting the stage for a charity event is to form a team who can take the responsibility and look after all the details of the organization. There are many features concerned with the process of planning a charity event, so you might need several hands to work on it. Delegation of responsibilities to appropriate persons can make it a successful event, so appoint those concerned as board members on your team.

Tax Exemption.  Here’s a nice Sunday surprise: Charity events are exempted from tax, so inquire whether your event qualifies as a charity and for tax exemption.  Then you can enjoy this advantage and plan accordingly. It’s important to save and file all those receipts so you can present them to the powers that be after the event.

Theme. Have a plan or theme for your charity event. For example, plan for a walk-a-cause or charity auction. Spread the word through Twitter and Facebook. Find an artist on a website like Fiverr.com and have him or her make banners and posters for the event.

Auction. You can also make a humble request and take up collections in a charity basket from the community.  These items can be auctioned off at the event, which will raise considerable funds, depending on the quality of items you get. You can arrange different bins of used stuff like old books or old, but useable household items.  Ask only people who cannot help to contribute cash if they can.  This can be added to the pot to bring the total of raised funds even higher.  Try to involve as many people as you can in this way.

Plan B. Always be prepared with an alternative plan because, as I’m sure you know, things go awry sometimes, which can spoil the whole event.  For example, natural elements like rain or any extreme weather conditions can change everything. As I’ve mentioned in my other blogs, always have a back-up plan.

Entertainment.  Just like any event, a charity event needs a reason to come to the event.  Good entertainment is important.  If your mission is to raise money for a worthy cause, then make sure the entertainment brings in as many as possible.  I have a friend in our community of magicians who performs magic for charities.  His name is Garry Carson.  Since producing and promoting events to raise needed funds is a necessary task, the requirements can be time-consuming, risky and expensive to produce.  Garry performs an evening of magic at no cost to the charity.  His free program enables him to do more performances for worthy causes and I’m told he does a lot of them.

Like magic, you cannot always see the most important parts of life. But we know that those invisible human feelings of faith, hope and love are enhanced through charity and caring for others, whether you are giving care or in need of receiving it.

Whenever you plan a charity event, keep these points in mind and remember to involve as many people as you can.  Make sure you involve all concerned parties and get lots of help.  You can make your charity event a great success.

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