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I’ve got a very important observation to share with you. Did you see the James Bond movie Goldfinger?  Ian Flemming, the author, wrote an earlier book titled Chitty Chitty Bang Bang which is a complete departure from the Bond series.  Anyway, Goldfinger, the book, is populated with several really top level experts in espionage.  They’re all interested in the ultimate stake which happens to be robbing Fort Knox.  Now all of these men have I.Q.’s reaching to the stars. They compete to be selected for Goldfinger’s team that will accomplish this. One of the men in the book is especially adept at getting selected for these teams and has been on several of them.

Yes, he is brilliant and highly skilled at his craft which happens to be espionage. But, so are the other men competing against him to be on the team. Why does he get chosen so often over the others? Simply, because he is obsessed with his work. Here’s a quote from the book:

“Sometimes it’s difficult to tell who is the more brilliant but I, Goldfinger look for something more important gentlemen….I look for who is the most driven!”

That’s a point so valid, you should never forget it. Years ago, I was driven. I was obsessed with becoming the best illusionist in the world. Whether or not I succeeded is beside the point. What’s germane is what I did in furtherance of this noble goal: (1) I ignored my loved ones, (2) I ignored my friends, (3) I practiced sleight-of-hand during the day, (4) I studied magic books like Tarbell in the evening and (5) …

I Dreamt About It At Night!

Would you like to be good enough to perform in Las Vegas or be hired by a company like IBM which would be happy to pay you a million or more every year? Or be so good that you can pay yourself a huge pile of money?

Let’s see if you’ve got what it takes.

Go get five hundred 3×5 index cards and get on the web.  Do a Google search of magicians(jugglers, comedians, etc.) in the area of your interest.  If it’s corporate shows you want to do search corporate magicians.  If it’s cruise ships, search cruise ship magicians. (you’ll probably find this site).  Try to pick out only really “Hot Points.” Keep at it until you have 500 cards with 500 points.

What will you get if you do this? Most importantly, you’ll get a neurological imprint of your competition, my friend. Secondly, you’ll know that you’re someone who is “willing to pay the price.” Thirdly, you’ll have the basis you need to launch an effective marketing plan for yourself.

But, the real payoff is what you’ll be giving yourself by the simple act of doing it.

Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts.


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