On The Cover Of Guitar World!

Guitar World

I’ve gotten dozens of emails about this month’s issue of Guitar World.  “Didn’t know you played guitar”  “Why did you change your name”  and my favorite, “You should mix your magic with your guitars”  Yes folks all of that magic has finally paid off and I’ve magically taught myself to riff like Steve Vai, Jimi Hendrix and Randy Rhodes. . . . . I wish

This isn’t me on the cover.  It’s Steve Vai.  But I’ll tell you what.  I was at a news stand in Seattle just peering at the collage of magazines, sipping a mocha frappe when all of the sudden I saw it.  Bam.  I thought they had super-imposed my face over Steve Vai’s body.  Then I looked inside and the pictures are even closer.  Same nose, same mouth, same eyes, same hair!  They say everyone has a twin.  I just found mine.   Scary!

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