Alexanders Miracle Cards


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You can learn to perform the greatest card tricks of all time with Miracle Cards. This lethal weapon will make people think you are the greatest magician in the world. You will find yourself instantly performing these 21 legendary pieces of card magic.

No skill required!

Alexander’s Top Five Magic Tricks DVD


Sit back, relax and watch as Alexander performs his award winning street magic show in one of Hollywood’s hottest nightclubs. You will be blown away as Alexander takes the art of magic to new levels with his brilliant sleight of hand and mind blowing magic. Best of all at the end of his show he sits down and teaches you some of the tricks he performs on a daily basis
This exciting DVD will teach how to do five amazing magic tricks with objects found in your home plus as an extra bonus Alexander will teach you how to levitate.

You will learn the secrets of:

  • The Unbreakable String
  • Quickstick
  • Liquid Vanish
  • Impossible Coincidence
  • The Famous Cups and Balls
  • How to Levitate
  • Become the life of the party and amaze your friends with these amazing miracles.

Alexander Magic Kit


This set is the perfect introduction to magic! The “Classic Mysteries of the Master Magicians” magic set makes an excellent gift for magicians of all ages. The set features tricks that are magical classics. Professional magicians selected time-tested tricks that are easy to do, yet completely baffling. Each set comes complete in a gorgeous four-color box, packed with magic! You’ll find props and instructions for over 75 amazing tricks. Basic sleight of hand is taught, as are many baffling, nearly self-working tricks in the miracle class! Included are the following popular Royal Magic products:
Ball Vase
Cups and Balls
Prayer Vase
Hydrostatic Glass
Spiked Coin
Alexander’s Number Mystery
Houdini’s Handcuff Escape
And much, much more!
The thorough, well-written and profusely illustrated instructions book accompany the set makes learning these tricks easy. A bonus book, “50 Amazing Illusions,” is also included, detailing easy tricks anyone can do with little or no sleight of hand, or special equipment.


Alexander’s 50 Magical Miracle Book


“Fifty Magical Miracles is an arsenal of amazing magic tricks that can performed using ordinary household objects. Read this book and you are going to have a skill that sets you apart from everyone else. If you’re a little shy, like many of us, this can be a great way to break out of your shell. If this is your first experience learning magic you’re going to have an awakening. The magic discussed in this book, if presented right, will astound people! I guarantee it. You can even go on from here, develop your repertoire and make magic your career”.  – Alexander

Just Some Of The Feats You Can Do With This book:

  • Magically Restore A Severed Piece Of Rope!
  • Guess A Spectator’s Card Through The Phone!
  • Predict People’s Randomly Chosen Numbers!
  • Change The Color Of A Balloon!
  • Walk Thru A 3×5 Inch Card!
  • Penetrate A Glass Through A Table!