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Top Tips For The Aspiring Magician

IMG_4962If you have always dreamed of being the world’s greatest magician, it is always helpful to get as much advice and guidance as possible from someone who has been there and done it all before. Now I have experienced the difficulties involved with trying to go from a local entertainer to an internationally recognized magician, I have decided to share some of my top tips for any aspiring young magicians out there;

  • Practice, practice, practice – The number one rule for any magician is to put in as much practice as possible, everyday. You will never become the best unless you put in the time, and it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to become a great magician, so be prepared.
  • Learn from those around you – It is a good idea to find out what magic events, clubs or groups are taking place in your local area, and get involved as much as possible. You can learn little tricks and tips from watching others, and interacting with fellow magicians to share insights and experiences.
  • Perfect your presentation – Being able to put on a great show and ‘wow’ the audience is what it is all about, so once you are confident in your tricks and illusions it is vital to dedicate a large amount of time perfecting the presentation of your show. You want it to be as memorable and inspiring as possible.
  • Perform to the public – Practicing your performance in front of others is essential if you want to impress on a bigger stage. The more often you can do this the better, as your confidence levels will go up. You can put on shows for your friends, family, local clubs, schools, talent competitions, and anywhere else that will let you perform!
  • Find your USP – In order to separate yourself from the rest in the world of magic, you must have a unique selling point. This means that people will be able to recognize you for a particular skill or trick. All of the great magicians have had USP’s which is what people remember them for.

The only other bit of advice I can give to you is that you should never give up on your dreams, and if you want something enough, you can always succeed in the end. There have been times throughout my life where I have been discouraged by people and advised to give up and do something else, but I always knew this was what I wanted more than anything else and I have enjoyed the rewards of persevering.

Dreams Of Magic

Macy's SeattlePeople often ask me what made me want to be a Magician, and to be honest I don’t have a simple answer to that question. There are many things that made me fall in love with the art of magic, and it is something that I have been fascinated with ever since I can remember. Other people in school were aspiring to be astronauts, race car drivers and firemen, but I knew that all I wanted to be was a great magician. Sometimes it is hard to put into words the reason why you are drawn towards something, but sometimes you just are and there is no real explanation as to why. I remember all of my teachers and friends saying that it was a stupid and silly idea, and that I would need to get a proper job when I grew up.

Well here I am, and I have made my dream a reality. If you are a young person who has dreams of being something or doing something, such as becoming a magician, then I would say that you should follow your dreams. It does not matter what anyone else tells you, if you know in your heart that you have a calling in life, then this is what you should strive for.

I spent hours and hours when I was growing up, just practicing on my own in my room. I was so determined to succeed that I kept on going, even though everyone thought I was mad! It is important for people to be committed to carrying out their dreams; otherwise they may go through life wandering what might have been. This does not mean that you should not still study hard and achieve in other areas of life, as you never know where life will take you or what other opportunities may come your way.

I have now been living the dream for a number of years, and I truly feel completely contented. Nothing gives me more pleasure than the excitement of stunning a crowd into silence and watching them, become mesmerized by the illusions that I have created. As well as the excitement of the shows, I have loved every minute of the tours that I have been fortunate enough to be a part of. It really is a blessing to be able to travel the world and meet so many amazing and interesting people along the way. Obviously, not everyone can follow in my footsteps as they are not magic, but I would urge anyone who has a dream, to follow their heart.