The Assistant

Hi. My name is Elena and I am a magician’s assistant.

If you asked me whether I ever dreamed of becoming a magician’s assistant, I would say “NO WAY!” It’s exactly the case when a profession chooses you. I had ballet and jazz classes when I was a child, but never seriously thought of making dancing a career. So, I graduated from college with a degree in linguistics.

How many times I saw David Copperfield’s specials on TV and of course, besides all the tricks and secrets you can’t help but notice those gracious beautiful nymphs dancing around him. They, together with the magician, made the magic happen. It seemed to me they were mythical creatures from fairy-tails my mom used to read to me before I fell asleep. It was all about beauty and grace.  At it looked that way.  Now when after every single show I have to heal bruises, cuts and broken nails, I do realize that it’s not as easy as it seems. But it MUST look effortless for the audience.

When we first started to rehearse the shows, I learned everything pretty fast. We did not have any rehearsal room and had to practice in my magician’s “studio”. I mean his garage. No mirrors, no proper floor cover – I simply had to guess. I remember when I first tried “Origami”, I was talking to myself: “this is not a coffin. This is NOT a coffin.” But a good thing about illusion show – once you figure out one illusion, the others are much, much easier to do.

Our first show was a year ago on the Star Princess. I was shaking. I was so afraid to forget something crucial during the performance or preset and let my magician down. But it went on pretty well. And now, one year later after everything we’ve been through I doubt that anything can possibly scare me. We had to perform after the whole night of flying, or when I had a high temperature and hardly could stand straight, or when we had to juggle our act according to the cruise director’s demands. Once we got a schedule that left us 40 minutes between the shows for resetting pretty tough, but… doable.

So, what can I say? I got pretty lucky to have a dream job, to travel around the world and share all this experience with someone you love. What can be better?  I can’t even imagine. 😉

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