The Savy Event Planner

Would you follow cooking tips from your auto mechanic, or take tax advice from your plumber?  What about event planning tips from a magician?  I’ve been performing magic for more than 30 years, and in that time I have seen it all:  from the energetic, super-organized planner racing around with clipboard in hand, checking off everything on her list, to the stressed-out procrastinator tearing her hair out while desperately dialing every contact on her phone to see who’s available to make a last-minute run to the printer for more programs.  As I’ve stood by waiting to perform my magic for meetings, parties, and everything in between, I’ve noticed a thing or two about event planning.  For one thing, I’ve realized that event planning is no joke—it’s not a profession you can just jump into and succeed at (although plenty of people try).  Event planning takes serious dedication, organization, and a certain finesse.

I am not an event planner.  Still, after all these years observing event planners and observing the details that do (or sometimes do not) go into all sorts of gatherings, I amassed a series of notes that I eventually compiled into a list of event blunders that all event planners should avoid.  Even the best event planners sometimes find it difficult to step out of their roles as planners and look at their events from a fresh perspective.  Entertainers like me can offer some useful “outsider” advice, some of which experienced planners may already consider on a regular basis, and some of which perhaps was considered at one time, but was pushed to the back burner and forgotten.  Newbies out there may not have even considered a lot of the tips I offer.  So if you haven’t already done so, check out the blunders to avoid in the Event Blunders blog series that I wrote over the past year, but before you do, listen in as I discuss event planning with corporate comedian, online entrepreneur, and host of the informative and entertaining podcast, The Savvy Event Planner, Tom Crowl.

Tom is, like me, a corporate entertainer whose performing experience has allowed him to delve into the world of event planning.  Tom hosts a fun and engaging podcast where he invites all sorts of event professionals to share their tips for planning awesome events.  Recently, he was kind enough to invite me to the show to offer more details on some of the event blunders that I wrote about in my blog.

If you’re an event planner, your days are stressful and short, so you could use a break.  Why not sit back, relax, and listen as I talk to Tom about the things I’ve observed while performing at corporate events, parties, and meetings?  Maybe you’ll discover a think or two that you can fix before you execute your next event.  And if nothing else, you can be amused by my stories of mistakes that I made in my early days performing magic for private parties.  Go ahead, and if anyone pops into your office and chastises you for putting your feet up, tell them the truth:  you’re hard at work!

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