To Learn Or Not To Learn Event Planning

Each year I attend The Red Diamond Congress to learn.  Sometimes I even purchase a booth and exhibit.  This event is also known as the Exhibit & Event Marketers Association or The E2MA. This year it took place at the Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld.

This year’s conference was dedicated to highlighting the fascinating world of enterprise engagement in business and its many strategies and tactics.   The event was designed to help organizations in all areas of business profit from this emerging new field that many experts believe will rival advertising in scale.  There were co-located education and exhibit programs addressing key areas of engagement.  This brings us to a question:  Should you take an event planning course?  After seeing just how technical this field has gotten, I think you’ll find the answer to be a qualified “Yes.”

Although I’m not really an event planner, I have worked with a great many of them over the last 30 years and have been slowly educated on the unfaltering exactitude of pulling off something as temperamental as an event.  In a lot of ways it’s like the magic shows that I do.  Entertainers like myself spend every waking hour and minute fretting and tweaking everything right up ’til the second the applause starts,  just so they can come off with the illusion of effortlessness.

Planning an event could be a hectic job for many and people may find it difficult to coordinate everything to manage a single event. Some people are such perfectionists that they demand everything up to the mark and require experts to manage their big events. The event planning industry has become the perfect solution for such individuals.  Many people are busy with their jobs and cannot take out time to arrange their personal events, or maybe because of the race and competition, others prefer to seek help from professional event planners to make their events successful.

This is the reason the industry of event planning is flourishing and many people have chosen this field as their profession. Because of this booming industry, many schools are offering event planning courses for up and coming people in this field.

If your curiosity has piqued and you’re wondering what these courses are, they’re basically training programs that cover the arrangement of any event. These courses are available through different programs in event management, event planning and meeting planning. There are different levels of the courses available. You can take them from the certificate to the advanced degree level.

The basic object for these courses is to make the student learn to organize and plan all the aspects of different types of events including food, décor and location. There are different types of courses available in event planning; some courses cover all the basics, some focus on specific events.  A few course examples include meeting planning basics, event promotion and marketing, and event design and production. Another course is about catering and some courses are about weddings and social events.

While there are many schools available for event planning or training, there are also many online courses available. The online courses provide you with informative lectures and classes; students just might need to go once or twice to the school for the tests that cannot be taken online.  These courses offer a good way to learn more about managing different events.  Students are trained to handle the event in a perfect manner and get success in their professional life.

It is a fact that many people who are related to this field have not taken any courses in Event Management and planning before printing up business cards and setting out in this field.  I think, however, it is better to learn some basic skills from an institution to work in a perfect manner.  Many people who are already working in this field prefer to take some short courses to learn more.

So I embraced the E2MA community of exhibit and event marketers.  These people are driven to benchmark the business value of face-to face marketing events and explore new tools, new technologies, and new techniques that can optimize face-to-face marketing.   By facilitating discussions among all industry stakeholders about important issues, the Red Diamond Congress is dedicated to developing “actionable ideas and solutions that can provide for industry growth and success.”

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