Warren & Annabelle’s

WarrenWarren and Annabelle’s is a magic night club in LaHaina, HI where we were lucky to be the guests of magician and friend Warren Gibson.

An adventure starts with a mysterious key and a riddle to get through a secret passageway. Once you find a solution you are allowed to pass through to a beautiful parlor. Now it’s time to sit down, relax and have a drink or a meal before showtime. Couple of words about the parlor itself: if you‘ve ever been to Magic Island in Houston, TX – the interior and the atmosphere is very close to it. It even reminded me of Magic Castle a little in theme.
The food and drinks are very tasty whether you bought a dinner package or purchased it a la carte. And you have more than enough time to enjoy both. At the very entrance you are given 2 playing cards that you’ll be able to exchange for drinks later on. Warren seems to think about every aspect of the evening: while you are enjoying your dinner or just chilling in the parlor, a ghost comes to visit you and performs any song your heart desires on the piano.  Then you are accompanied to the theatre. It’s a small room with approximately 70 seats. So every seat has a good view. There are also 8 HOT seats upfront for the people who are brave enough to be a part of the show, which is a lot of fun. If you are asked to be one of the 8 lucky ones – don’t back up. I promise you will have a great time.

The show itself is unlike a regular magic show. From the time you enter the theater until you leave there are lots of little surprises. We truly enjoyed it. The sleight-of-hand left us shaking our heads, especially the linking of three borrowed finger rings!  The added treat of side stitching humor left us breathless. Truly worth the money.  Unfortunately, no children are allowed to the club. Though material and jokes are age-appropriate, cocktails make it impossible for anyone under 21 to enjoy this wonderful show.   At the end of the show Warren is outside the theater to thank each guest for coming, which was very classy.  Warren is warm and engaging, bursting with southern charm.

No wonder this outing is so highly recommended by Maui locals.  One of the best shows that we’ve ever been to, and we’ve seen all the magic shows.  Warren & Annabelle’s books up 2-3 weeks in advance so the reservations are a must.  It’s just such a different type of magic/comedy combination than you’d see anywhere else.   Aloha Y’all!

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